Clubs are back!  We are looking forward to enhancing this semester with clubs that our kids will enjoy.  We will accept registration immediately.  Please send in your choices as soon as possible because class size is limited.  We usually have a very enthusiastic response so don’t miss out.  Registration is rolling until we hit club maximum.  Please contact the PTA at hancpta@hanc.org with any questions or comments.


Clubs run from 4pm to 5pm; please be at the front door of the school by 5pm.  Children will not be released into the parking lot.


Please only sign your children up for clubs they will enjoy.  Teachers will not force children to participate.  Children must adhere to the club rules and behave appropriately.


Become a Parent Volunteer and send one child for a discounted rate! Contact HANC PTA  for more information.


Please be aware that club registration is only open to PTA members.

To register


HANC Hurricanes


At 609, we're looking to get our students ready for the middle school both academically and physically.  The middle school competes in the  Metropolitan Jewish Day School Basketball League which offers both boys and girls basketball.  We are proud to offer after school basketball clubs for both boys and girls in grades 4-6 in order to get our athletes ready to compete when they reach the middle school.  This club is also for anyone who wants to improve their skills or try a new sport.  PLEASE WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES/SNEAKERS AND BRING WATER.  

Girls Basketball, Mondays, grades 4-6

Hustle and Heart Sports will be running a basketball clinic this semester.  They run programs for boys and girls, teaching basketball basics and skills, in various shuls and schools.  Come learn the fundamentals and develop skills through fun drills and games.

Price: $150 per child




June- 7


Boys Basketball, Fridays, grades 4-6 


The Rabbi Merrill Basketball League (RMBL), run by Rabbi Merrill, will divide the boys into teams for an intramural basketball league. Come play ball and have fun with your friends.

Price: $150 per child


April- 23, 30

May- 7, 21, 28

June- 4

Time: 1:50-2:50

JERSEYS: Due to time constraints, we will not be able to provide Jerseys this semester.

No Spots Left!

No Spots Left!