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We are excited to announce the new lunch program this year featuring favorites from Hunki's and new options from Sharmel Caterers, which many of the children know and love from their summer at Ruach and other local camps!


This year, Hunki's will be catering lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays, with pizza available on both days. Tuesdays will feature both a pizza and pasta option, and Fridays will be pizza only.


Sharmel will be catering two meat days, on Mondays and Thursdays, and a third day of dairy options on Wednesdays.




  • The PTA Lunch Program is only available to PTA members who have paid dues. You can pay any outstanding dues online on the HANC PTA website.


  • As per regulations, children at the ECC will be served vegetables at every meal as well as milk on dairy days, and water on meat days. 


  • Refunds will not be available for absences, class trips, or school cancellation. 


  • In the unfortunate event of a quarantine, we will arrange for a central lunch pickup.




To place your lunch order please go to The instructions for ordering are on the homepage and you must create a new account to begin. Please select your child's homeroom when setting up your account for each child.

Lunch ordering will run for two separate sessions this year, with the first session running until winter break in January. 


If you have any technical questions or need assistance navigating the ordering site, please reach out to us at


Thank you and happy ordering!


Sharon Grysman & Or Mayer-Guy

Co-PTA Presidents 


Ayelet Galanti and Shanna Goldstein 

Lunch Coordinators 

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