We want to again thank you for continually supporting the PTA, particularly during this extraordinary year. We know that switching to remote learning was not an easy task for the school, parents, and students. Everything the PTA does for the school could not happen without your help, from volunteering your time, funding our programs, providing feedback and advice, and attending our numerous events throughout the 2019-2020 school year. We would not be the strong organization we are, or be able to provide the multitude of enrichment opportunities for our students, without you.          


         Before we went fully remote in March, we were able to sponsor beautiful collations at Parent Teacher Conferences for all three campuses, graduation signs for all campuses, the Siddur Plays, the Chumash Play, a diverse offering of after school clubs, Rosh Chodesh treats, the Shabbat Project. We also coordinated the Tu B’shvat Shu and Book Fair. Once we switched to remote learning, we continue to help the school provide enrichment activities for our children through all the chol Hamoed Pesach programming, pre-Shavuout learning program, Yom Haatzmaut cookies, Yom Yerushalayim concert, and many of the other virtual events. We also sponsored graduation signs, dinner and cake for the 8th grade graduates, frisbees for the end of year car parade, graduation cookies for the ecc, Kindergarten graduation goodies, and too many other things to name that the students greatly enjoyed. All of this was done in addition to the many teacher appreciation events, such as delivering babkas to teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, to show our ongoing gratitude for all the hard work and care the teachers provide to our children on a daily basis. 

In addition, this year we are able to purchase most of the school supplies for ECC and 609. We know that this year has brought many hardships and stressors for families and we wanted to alleviate at least one for parents. 


         All of these programs are able to happen through PTA membership. This year, like last year,  we separated PTA dues into two different categories, Nursery-6th Grade and Middle School.

PTA membership for Nursery – 6th Grade includes:

  • Lice check (4 times a year)

  • Access to school lunch program (dependent upon health and safety guidelines)

  • Access to after school clubs (dependent upon health and safety guidelines)

  • Staff Chanukah and Purim gifts

  • Various celebrations throughout the year (determined by grade, i.e. collations for Yom Shalom, Siddur Play, Wax Museum, 5th Grade BBQ, etc.)

  • Teacher appreciation programs

  • School calendar

  • and many more!

The fee for Nursery-6th grade is $125 for the first child plus $50 each additional child, with a cap at 3 three children. 

PTA membership for Middle School covers:

  • Staff Chanukah and Purim gifts

  • Various celebrations throughout the year (determined by grade, i.e. 7th grade welcome, Rosh Chodesh treats, 8th grade graduation, etc.)

  • teacher appreciation programs

  • School calendar

  • and many more!

The fee for Middle School is $50 per child, with a cap at three children. 


Payment can be made by credit card through the PTA website. We are offering the option to pay in 3 installments by providing 3 post-dated (September 1st, December 1st, and April 1st) checks at lice check.


          We are mindful of the stress and financial hardships that families might be facing due to the current environment. The PTA is here to work with you. Please message us privately at, so we can work with your family. We have decided this year to cap PTA dues at 3 children per family. In previous years the dues were capped at 4 children per family. 


          We once again thank you for all of your support and continued partnership. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year!



Gayle Zeitlin and Tzippy Calm