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PTA membership for Nursery–6th Grade includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lice check;
  • Access to school lunch program;
  • Access to after-school clubs;
  • Various grade-specific celebrations throughout the year (e.g., collations for Yom Shalom, Siddur Play, Chumash Play, Kindergarten and 6th grade graduation, 6th grade retreat, etc.);
  • Various Jewish and holiday enrichment, such as the 6th grade shofar program,  model seders, Rosh Chodesh treats, Shabbat Project, Yom Ha'Atzmaut programming, Chanukah candles, bedikat chametz kits, etc.);
  • Staff Chanukah and Purim gifts;
  • Teacher appreciation programs;
  • Trip sponsorships;
  • Salute to Israel Parade t-shirts;
  • HANC swag;
  • School calendar; and much more!


Payment in full can be made by credit card through the PTA website. The links are provided below. We are also offering the option to pay by check. All checks need to be made payable to HANC PTA and delivered to the school by September 4th 2023.(No checks will be accepted after 9/4/23)

If you are choosing to pay via check please select the "BILL ME LATER" option in the payment tab. The check can be made for 1$ less than the full amount since 1$ will be charged online. 


We are mindful of the financial hardships that our families may be facing, and the PTA is here to assist. Please message us privately at so that we can work with your family.



Once again, we thank you for your support.


PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us with any issues or concerns.

PTA DUES 2023-2024 - Nursery-6th Grade

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