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Advertise for your business and support HANC at the same time! We have a variety of advertisement options for you. This year we have several different advertising options to help you make choices about where your ads will appear. 


Advertisements appear on our calendar in two locations: 

1. the "top" of the calendar contains multiple ads, each approximately the size of a business card. 

2. the "face" of the calendar where the days of the month appear. Ads are located in boxes before the first day or after the last day of the month. 


We will try to accommodate the months you prefer to advertise on a first-come, first-served basis. 



1. Single Top - $55

2. Single Face - $61

3. 12 months Top - $460

4. 10 months Top plus 2 face - $523

5. 6 months Top (you choose either Sept/Nov/Jan/Mar/May/July OR Oct/Dec/Feb/Apr/June/Aug) - $240

6. 6 months (5 Top and 1 Face; you choose either Sept/Nov/Jan/Mar/May/July OR Oct/Dec/Feb/Apr/June/Aug) - $276

7. 3 months Top (bonus top - month of our choice) - $139

8. 3 months Top plus one face - $165



Please email Shoshanna Diamond at if you have any questions. 

HANC Calendar Advertisements

  • You will receive an email requesting the image for your ads. 

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